Dominykas the Horse Goes to the Stars

Premiere: 2014-06-01/ 2014-06-02

“Dominykas the Horse Goes to the Stars” is more than a dance performance for children,” says the producer Katerina Deineko. It is based on V. V. Landsbergis’ fairy tale of the same title.

Dominykas the Horse goes to the cosmos to look for a hot precious stone for his sweetheart that does not get cold in autumn or winter. Dominykas knows that if you bury such a gem under the roots of a cornflower it will never get frost bitten again. Dominykas goes to the Moon, later to Venus, Jupiter, Mars and other planets that orbit the Sun. On one of them he finds the desired gem.

Video projections are used throughout the performance. There are dancers on the stage and on the screen. The dance is free, not restricted by traditional dancing techniques. The dynamics of the performance will come as a surprise for the audiences as dance is supplemented by some elements of acrobatics.

For children over three years of age.

Duration: 40 min

Directing solutions: Giedrė Zaščižinskaitė and Jekaterina Deineko

Choreography: Jekaterina Deineko

Costume artist: Julija Charsika

Props artist: Grasiela Kriaučiūnaitė

Animation: Vita Viselgė

Aerobatics author: Konstantin Kosovec

Sound: Raimondas Jarosevičius

Lights: Marius Apanskas

Video projections: Artūras Pavilionis

Music: Bruno Coulais, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Michael Giacchino, The Penguin Café Orchestra, Michel Legrand, Hristopher Tyng

Coaches: Aušra Gineitytė–Bagdzevičienė, Giedrė Zaščižinskaitė, Svetlana Jasevičienė, Svetlana Papartienė

Performers: 2–4 class schoolchildren

Dominykas the Horse: Lukas Karvelis, Jonas Gineika, Airidas Civilka

Cornflower: Anastasija Semaško, Ugnė Kislauskaitė

Venus: Ksenija Ermakova, Kotrina Fedorovičiūtė

Video projections made and improvised:

Robots dance: Laurynas Zakevičius and modern dance students

Future vision, water worshipping, tree planting, telephone talk: Lukas Karvelis, Anastasija Semaško, Evelina Jotkevičiūtė, Jonas Gineika, Ugnė Kislauskaitė