The National M. K. Čiurlionis Art School and the director-choreographer Petras Skirmantas have produced a special performance. At the school’s dance theatre they have put on the divertissement from Minkus’ ballet” Paquita‘‘. It is a collection of the most beautiful compositions: the Polonaise, Mazurka, Pas de trois and the Grand Pas classique. Scores of dancers take part in the divertissement – soloists and corps de ballet. The composition reveals the beauty of classical dance technique, the variety of movements, elegance and perfection.
These dances are especially valued in classical ballets. The divertissement is unusual as it will be change with every performance.
The soloists will choose what variations to dance, which will bring new colours to every performance.

“Paquita” is a classical dance performance whose action takes place in Spain, during the years of Napoleon’s occupation. The heroine is the young Gypsy girl, Paquita, who is really of noble birth. In her infancy she was kidnapped by the Gypsies who brought her up as their own daughter. During the occupation she saved the life of a young French officer, Liucien d’Hervilly, who was to be killed by the Gypsy chief. Paquita and Lucien fall in love. However, soon Paquita discovers that her medallion is the same as that of her lover. Thus she learns not only about her noble birth bus also that they are cousins.

Marius Petipa, the famous French choreographer and dancer, choreographed the ballet. ”Paquita” was first performed at the Paris Opera Ballet in 1846. Later it toured other world stages with great success.

The dance and the festive music by Minkus cannot leave anyone indifferent to the art of ballet.

Schoolchildren of 6-13 classes and school leavers, now ballet dancers at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre take part in the performance.
Director-choreographer Petras Skirmantas, choreography by Marius Petipa.
Choreographer’s assistants: A. Bagdzevičienė, A. Domeikienė, B. Tomaševičienė.
Teachers-coaches Mokytojai repetitoriai: A. Semionovas, D. Kiršys, M. Kiršienė, L. Bartusevičiūtė–Noreikienė, J. Vymerytė, G. Dautartienė.
Sound director: R. Jaroševičius
Lights: M. Apanskas
Projections author: A. Povilionis
Costume artist: Vida Leonavičiūtė-Insodiene

Sound director: R. Jaroševičius

Sound director: R. Jaroševičius
Light designer: M. Apanskas
Projections author: A. Povilionis