2016-01-30 12:00 Pirkti bilietus

2016-02-06 12:00 Pirkti bilietus

Dance performance for children “Colours”
It is a story about a raindrop, about the Sun, about a man-fire and a frog. And several other stories about what is commonplace and more than that. What can unite all this on the stage?
Dance, music and colours.
The dance is a children’s journey through life getting acquainted with colours. Children start their journey being completely white. However they get involved in a creative game and little by little discover the enchanting world of colours. On the stage, the dancer-actor Donatas Bakėjus keep their company and accompany them to their discoveries.
Giedrė Zaščižinskaitė, a dancer teacher at the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art School, produced the performance. She is also choreographer, sets designer and costume artist. According to her, the decision to involve the youngest schoolchildren of 1–4 classes was quite a challenge, but the work was very exciting.
“Children can associate colours with definite animals or inanimate objects; they can also make certain associations with colours through dance and music. This is affirmed by psychologists and I thought it interesting to show it on stage,” said Zaščižinskaitė.
The production is for children over three years of age and their parents. Incidentally, the performance “Colours” should attract the attention of pedagogues who work with small children and who will be able to employ certain methods in their work.
Music by Mozart, J. S. Bach, Khachaturian and Vivaldi sounds in the performance.

It is half an hour long but there is also a continuation: at the end of the performance the young spectators will be allowed on the stage and see and touch everything at close up. When did your kid last have a chance to walk on the real theatre stage?